Hello and thanks for visiting! My name is Lindsey Krusling, and I have always been an animal lover, but I recently started to appreciate the wonders of plants. I really hope that this class will help me learn to identify more plants found around Ohio. Join me as I start to explore the world of the botanist!

A little about me… I am a senior at The Ohio State University studying Fisheries and Wildlife and minoring in Environmental Geo-science.  Once I graduate, I would like to work with reptiles or as a Naturalist in a park. I currently have a seasonal position at Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park as a Naturalist. I have volunteered at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden for over 7 years and have worked at an emergency vet clinic as a Vet Tech Assistant.

Fun Facts about Me:

  • My favorite flower is the Black Iris.
  • One of my goals is to travel to every continent, and currently I only have Antarctica and Australia left.
  • I am a self titled “crazy snake lady” and currently own five snakes. I plan on breeding them eventually as a side hobby.


Photo below is of my first snake, Jormungandr (Jor). Photo taken by me.